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Roger Singer - Forgey's nephew; multiple myeloma

Chelsey Marie - sister of Eryn Cain; breast cancer

Laurie Gardiner - multiple myeloma

Reggie Bryk - liver cancer

Kennedy Wood - retinoblastoma 

Vincent & Sage Bartoli, Carrie Jackson, Zach Michaels - military

Mike Trimble - Judy Crafton's son-in-law; terminal cancer

Mike Walsh - friend of the O'Keefes; stage 4 lung and bone cancer

John Wilson - friend of the Halls; bladder cancer

Gus Gonzalez - Mariana Correa's dad; recovering from bypass surgery

Sally Gonzalez - Mariana Correa's aunt; put on respite care

Curt - Carrie Wright's dad; health struggles and upcoming surgery

Scott Clark - JoAnn Baird's son; pancreatic cancer

Chuck Wollert - undergoing physical therapy after pneumonia

Audrey McClellan - friend of Nancy Hendershot; in ICU for breathing issues

Ann Hudnall - shingles

Connie McCullough - heart cath

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